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For questions about WAN optimization, where it is a collection of techniques for increasing data transfer efficiency across wide-area networks (WANs). For instance, you are setting up a new WAN optimizer by Riverbed.

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SD-WAN edge and physical high-end router

Are physical routers, who have different management interfaces (SNMP, NETCONF, and so on), able to speak to an SD-WAN controller? In other words, can I have an SD-WAN by establishing a specific SD-WAN ...
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network slowness troubleshoot

I want some suggestion regarding our network issue: From our office location to our DC ==> it's ~270msc(office and DC lies in different countries). As, you can already see here latency is the major ...
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Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) applied to network routing protocols? [closed]

Is this very common for larger enterprises that have many thousands of servers to use something like ant colony or similar algorithms to work together with network routing protocols like BGP to solve ...
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About BEST and MAX MTU with PPPOE + PPTP

About BEST and MAX MTU with PPPOE + PPTP in the router. I have Has been setup WAN to PPPOE and MTU is 1492, because 1464 is maxed on my ISP. and I have connected PPTP on the same router, and MTU is ...
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Setting policy on a Steelhead Mobile Controller (SMC) for "Latency-based location awareness"

When setting policy on an SMC with reference to Location Awareness - > Latency-based location awareness -> Optimize over adapters specified below if latency to SteelHead is more than: <#> ms: ...
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What's the difference between Cisco WAAS en WAE

To facilitate WAN optimization Cisco has several options available. One option is to deploy 2 (or more) WAAS capable routers e.g. 1941 with WAAS software (and the maximum RAM) talking to each other....
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riverbed wan optimizer does not receive traffic

I have 2 Riverbed WAN optimizers and a WAN simulator. I connected 2 WAN ports of the 2 Riverbeds to the WAN simulator, connected 2 LAN ports along with 2 servers on a switch, and configured 2 subnets ...
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TCP acceleration over satellite or high latency networks [closed]

What viable companies, products or options are out there today for TCP Acceleration over satellite or high latency IP networks? The average satellite RTT is upwards from 600ms (depends on the ...
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Is Riverbed Steelhead able to optimize print traffic between print server and a remote printer?

In the configuration for CIFS optimization, Steelhead offers an option to enable print optimization. From documentation I understood that when this option is checked the Steelhead will optimize the ...
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