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For questions about Wide Area Networks (WANs).

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What is the "technical" definition of LAN and WAN

Most of explanations on internet contend by saying "lan" is over smaller distance, while "Wan" covers wider geography. To make question more clear ? If two computers are on the same "LAN" what is it ...
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What would cause high latency anytime there is traffic on WAN?

I have a network that has been experiencing slow internet speeds. After a great deal of troubleshooting, I have determined that any streaming content/downloads will cause the latency of WAN traffic to ...
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15 votes
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Why is my Router's WAN IP different from public IP? [closed]

My Router's WAN IP is a public IP - 172.100.x.x And my public IP is - 182.x.x.x Why do I have 2 public IP's? Does this probably mean that my router is behind another router? But then what is the use ...
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Clustered ASA with Dual WAN Redundancy

Let's assume there are two firewalls (ASA) clustered together and two routers (1800 and 2900) each with it's own WAN link. The two routers are managed from the same ISP (it's just link redundancy). ...
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ARP Destination address (internetwork)

Let's say i have the following WAN: Suppose that all arp tables are empty and that E wants to send a packet to A. The E will send an arp request with destination ip of Router 2(unicast), get its mac ...
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