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Is DNS address included in ARP address table?

I have DNS server address . Is it supposed to be included in my ARP table when i execute arp -a?
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Wireshark not capturing packets?

I am trying to use Wireshark, but for some reason it won't capture packets. I've used it once before and it worked just fine, so I can't understand why it's not working right now. The only thing I've ...
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How to connect GNS3 to loopback adapter on Windows 10

I'm trying to have a simple topology by connecting a router (c7200) and the local machine which is windows 10. For this I use GNS3 GUI (not the VM application). I have to do that, due to the limit of ...
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How to add the Hyper-V Virtual Machine to GNS 3?

I am running GNS3 - 2.2.29 in Hyper V Manager, I installed Windows 10 and Kali Linux VM in Hyper V Manager. I want to add windows 10 and Kali Linux host in GNS3 but no host option in GNS3. Could ...
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Fortigate 100E user names in syslog

I am monitoring the traffic from a Fortinet Fortigate 100E firewall and I am seeing the user name of a former employee whose local and domain accounts were deleted. I can't ask Fortinet support ...
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Can't ping the second network interface connected to a switch [closed]

I have the following topology: Default Gateway1 <--> SWITCH1 <--> [ NIC2 - (Windows 10 PC) - NIC1 ] <--> SWITCH2 <--> Default Gateway2 --> Internet NIC1 is DHCP configured, ...
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Connecting industrial devices to OPC server while keeping segregation [closed]

We have two industrial machines (let's call them Holding and Media) with configured network addresses and respectively. Currently they are isolated physically although ...
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Computer getting Unable to Identify Network UNLESS Vlan is changed [closed]

This is a problem that has long plagued this environment. At seemingly random times (measured generally in months), a computer may suddenly lose connectivity to the network. It still is able to send ...
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Is it possible to gain VPN access through RDP [closed]

Scenario: I have been tasked to resolve an issue for a client's EmailReceiver program. I have the source code on my PC. I have been given RDP Access to a entry point machine, through which I can ...
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Prevent TCP sequence prediction attack

Let's say an attacker gets the sequence number between me and my client. Now he continues the conversation with me and has changed the IP address. How do I prevent packages from being sent to ...
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Unknown DHCP problem

Sometimes in my network I have some DHCP problem, the clients don't receive their IP. The problem seems connected with the switch because, for example, if I change the switch port of the client the ...
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Does a PC have a MAC address table?

I have a network topology like this: We know switch has MAC address table, but does the PC have MAC address table? I know PC have ARP table in Windows I can use arp -a display all the arp information ...
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