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Questions relating to the operations of ISPs and interacting with them.

You seem to have confused with connectors and the use case where Co-axial to RJ45 adapters. If your ISP is providing connection to your home via Co-axial cable then you should get the Modem provided … by ISP or any modem which is available at the market which support Coax(Something like Motorola Surfboard series). If you not plan to buy the modem provided by the ISP then you should also check …
answered Apr 3 '17 by Maverick
I think you are confused with the terms Point to Point and TR-069 here. An ISP normally uses IPOE/PPPOE/PPPOA for establishing the connectivity between CPE(Modem/Gateway) and their BRAS. They also … Parameters) from the CPE. In addition to this,ISP will also set a periodic inform counter in which CPE will also send periodic Inform with information such as Model number,Software version and other …
answered Apr 12 '17 by Maverick
. 2) Does one need to pay for a static ip address? Yes,Most likely.However,Some ISP used to provide Static IP free for their premium users or users who pay for higher plans. Since the point of ip … computer? NAT.Nat will help indirectly for a node in the INTERNET to uniquely identify a computer with Public IP+port. However,the public IP will also subject to change if ISP doesnt provide static IP address to your router. This is where people use DynDNS to reach their PC or Modem from internet. …
answered Apr 12 '17 by Maverick