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Ansible doesn't return valid information

Lineinfile is a weird choice here. It’s a module used to add lines to a configuration file (for example) and make sure a line is there, it’s not meant for things like logging, which you seem to be ...
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nxos ansible playbook to configure interface

Finally end up using following module, not pretty but doing what it need to do - name: sample playbook hosts: n3k1 tasks: - name: globle configuration nxos_config: lines: ...
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ansible addition operation of content from stdout of each hosts

You say you: have 5 hosts, e.g. firewalls: [hostA, hostB, hostC, hostD, hostE] have 5 separate files, e.g. shell> find . -name '*_file' ./hostA_file ./hostD_file ./hostB_file ./hostC_file ./...
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how to connect to Dell N1548P with ansible

Short version: the Ansible connection type you want is ansible.netcommon.network_cli Longer version: The N1548P's operating system, OS6, doesn't have a RESTAPI like OS10/SONiC. Subsequently, Ansible ...
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