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How do you configure a TACACS+ tac_plus server on Ubuntu 16.04 that authenticates against Microsoft Active Directory?

UPDATE 01/10/2018: Added missing library to enable Perl regular expression support (libpcre3-dev) UPDATE 11/07/2017: There is a bug in MAVIS. If you are having trouble using LDAPS on port 636 or 3269,...
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AAA Authorization on IOS

Edited: You use the group tacacs+ for your authentication, but you have not configured a server group for that. Here is a corrected configuration: aaa authentication login default group HQTACACS ...
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Lockout of console! Help required!

Cisco maintains a page with links to the password recovery procedures for a lot of devices: Password Recovery Procedures You will need to restart the switch to get to ROMMON in order to recover the ...
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How does Tacacs server forward the credentials from client to Authentication server?

RADIUS was designed to authenticate and log dial-up remote users to a network, and TACACS+ is used most commonly for administrator access to network devices like routers and switches. http://www....
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WebAuth With RADIUS For Switch Web Portal

It is for Catalyst 2960-X Switch IOS 15.2. but should work on IE4000 (Link): ip http authentication aaa You can verify your configuration with: show ip http server status At point "http server ...
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Cisco ISE migration to Azure cloud

At this point in time, ISE is not supported running natively on any cloud platform. For the currently latest release (ISE 2.7), Cisco lists the following supported virtual environments: Cisco ISE ...
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ISE as RADIUS server or not in EAP-TLS authentication

Does the ISE server act as a RADIUS server to a Switch proxying a supplicant certificate, or does it use some other protocol? This is for EAP-TLS based auth Whenever you have an EAP based ...
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Can I limit Cisco IOS login to specific users?

You could set a diffrent password for telnet access and console access. First set the users with the privileges you want them to have. To set a telnet password (if 15 doesn't work put highest ...
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Can I limit Cisco IOS login to specific users?

For console physical access control, easiest would just be to use local user logins and then SSH would still reference TACACS: username test privilege 15 secret test ! aaa authentication login ...
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