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The options are: "Bandwidth limiting" heavy users by rate limiting QOS tagging packet dropping or delaying Anything to reduce the traffic of others and give them less bandwidth to be used.


While bandwidth guarantees can be implemented by policies within forwarding devices (routers, switches), most installations use a priority scheme instead (or in combination with bandwidth control). Bandwidth guarantees use reservations which are not as efficient as prioritizing by packet. For Ethernet (layer 2), IEEE 802.1Q provides priority code points in ...


In short: The burden falls upon the TCP PEP to recover any data which is dropped after the PEP [locally] acknowledges it see Enhancing TCP Over Satellite Channels using Standard Mechanisms see RFC2488 This is a an RFC indicated as "Best Current Practice". All controls recommended for use ...


Pre-ACKing is only possible because the near accelerator keeps the segment data in queue. Therefore, it can ACK in stead of the far destination, prompting the sender to advance the send window and send out more segments than would be possible by delay-bandwidth alone. Of course, the near accelerator needs to keep track of its internal, larger send window ...

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