For questions regarding industry methods or techniques that have shown superior results and are accepted as a de facto standard, or have been formally established.

To be on-topic for the site, best practice questions are strongly encouraged to include:

  • A statement summarizing the business need: Networks cost money, and money comes from supporting a business. If we understand something about the business traffic that the network carries, we get much closer to understanding the tradeoffs the OP might be facing
  • A description of what alternatives the OP has considered and why the OP is stuck: If the OP hasn't done enough research to tell us at least one possible solution to some problem, I argue that the OP is not ready to crowd-source the question on Stack Exchange. [Stack Overflow] members frequently summarize this by asking "What have you already tried?". I think this is relevant to best practice questions because it gives us some idea of what the OP wants and doesn't want.

Best practice questions should include (where relevant & possible):

  • Specific information about HW Models, Firmware levels
  • Topology Diagram
  • Device configuration excerpts