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What are any disadvantages of redistributing eBGP routes into IGP

As already @Ron implied, general rules are for general/common scenarios. Specific topology may even benefit for infringing a best practice. IMHO the main reason comes down to performance issues, ...
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What are any disadvantages of redistributing eBGP routes into IGP

To answer your specific question: no, there's no "conceptual" or fundamental reason not to redistribute. There are a few practical considerations, but you seem to already be aware of most ...
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Hot potato routing topology

If R2's WAN is to be preferred and R1's WAN acts as backup, that's not hot-potato routing - it's redundant routing with active-passive uplinks. Hot-potato routing would instead always use the shortest ...
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How to change the AS number without losing the old BGP configuration?

That's probably more of a coordination job with your bgp peers ( and possibly the given Internet Registry), and less of a local difficulty. However, I don't see a way to do this without actually ...
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Cisco ASA not accepting external traffic without NAT configuration

After doing some tests with GNS3 and talking with the owner of the upstream router I have clarified all the problems. My first problem, not being able to capture traffic, was because I was filtering ...
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iBGP running only between BGP border routers?

Typically (but this is not always the case), the border routers inject a default route into the IGP. This can be done either by redistributing a route from BGP into the IGP, or redistributing a ...
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In a PE-CE network, we would redistribute routes between BGP and IGP without `bgp redistribute-internal`. How does redistribution works?

From: Command Default In releases prior to Cisco IOS Release 15.1(2)S, 15.2(...
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