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Cisco Catalyst - Switching with Supervisor and Line Cards

It depends on the specific line card. Some line cards have more intelligence and features than other line cards. With the line cards that support CEF on the card, you can enable distributed CEF. IP ...
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Cisco switch ports configuration with QSFP+ to (4) SFP+ Hydra Cable Assembly

I don't think there are any 10G linecards/modules for the CAT6500 that directly support SFP+ modules. WS-X6700 Series:
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2 votes

Cisco Catalyst - Switching with Supervisor and Line Cards

The 4500 does not support switching on the line card at all. All packets are received on the line card, travel over the backplane, reach the supervisor where the ASIC is located where they get ...
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Command to power off (not reset) module in Cisco 6500?

Are you using CatOS by any chance? From Cisco Catalyst-6500's power management page Use of the CLI to Power Modules Up or Down You can issue one of these commands in order to power down a properly ...
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Cisco 6500 Port Lights

Sorry to say that this isn't a configurable item.
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