From ASA 8.x Dynamic Access Policies (DAP) Deployment Guide : Note: The dap.xml file, which contains the DAP policies selection attributes, is stored in the ASA's flash. Although you can export the dap.xml file off-box, edit it (if you know about xml syntax), and re-import it back, be very careful, because you can cause ASDM to stop processing DAP records ...


I've never seen a way to do that natively (in the ASAs themselves) but, if your AnyConnect setup uses RADIUS for authenticating users, you could assign group policies based on a condition statement that looks for CallingStationID (the IP address they're coming from) and matches the users that way.


One way to find that (when you can't find documentation to point you in the right direction) is to add one via ASDM, and then go to the CLI so you can issue a show run to find where your changes show up. If they aren't visible in the output, it may be one of the few things you have to do via ASDM (unfortunately, there are a few of those) because there is no ...

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