It's giving you that/those error(s) because removing that object would leave the access-list empty but still existing, which is not possible or allowed, and you can't delete an access-list like that (by just saying "no" on its only line). What you need to do is: clear config access-list out2in This will disassociate the access-list with the interface and ...


No. The ASA has no ability to test bandwidth/throughput of a giving interface.


I'm taking a bit of a guess here. ASA-4-713903: is a VPN peer misbehaving. With a follow on description. In your case you are seeing discards due to packet size, related to the peer. I believe this is an Ikev2 Keepalive mis-match. It appears that your end of the tunnel does not match their end of the tunnel for keepalive packets. Keepalives would be ...


After upgrade to newer version 9.8.2 resolved all of the issue. Thanks for your support.

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