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You can assign static IPs to the phones by logging in and configuring the phones directly. DN's are assigned by the call manager when the phone registers with it.


There is one option available. Create a new VLAN and create new DHCP scope for this VLAN Assuming you created new VLAN as VLAN 20 Switch (config)#ip dhcp pool Vlan20 Switch(config)#network 192.168.X.X Switch (config)# default-router ip Switch (config)#dns-server Also create the same VLAN 20 on downstream access switches, and ...


Now they have 230 devices and They are going to increase device count by 100. Within the same subnet? Then you'd have to supernet that subnet to e.g. I cannot change subnet and increased usable IP addresses count because there are many dependencies. Adding another subnet/VLAN is a better option anyway. As Jesse's already answered, that ...


Questions about protocols above layer 4 are off limits here, however, as a very basic explanation on a layer 2 and layer 3 level, you cannot have multiple VLANs using the same DHCP pool (same subnet). Each VLAN would need a separate DHCP pool (separate subnet) to assign addresses from. For example: VLAN 100: VLAN 200: Just to ...


you could add a second range to another vlan. If the switch is a layer 3 switch, it shouldn't be a problem to connect to eachother. If not, a downtime is necessary to adapt the existing one.

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