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Allow active connections in firewall on multiple BGP connected routers

As you figured out, doing stateful firewalling on external links doesn't work well if you're multihomed. Typically, you either do stateless firewalling on external links, or place the firewall behind ...
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Juniper SRX, workstation on SRX switch port cannot ping reth interface

A reth interface on the SRX is a Layer 3 interface - that is to say that VLAN tags are only added to traffic from a reth interface as it egresses the physical port(s) you have bound it to - it does ...
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How to use 5 static ip addresses with virgin media broad band

You need to either connect a switch/VLAN to the handover port (on the ISP router) and connect devices using your IP addresses directly or assign all addresses to your pfSense firewall and map/...
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Router to Wireless router (Packet Tracer)

"Hi, Can anyone help why I can't ping from my pc in office network to my laptop in guest network or wireless network. It is possible to ping from guest network to office but failed vice versa.&...
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How to prevent a user from using YouTube while connected to my network

The general answer to this question is that you need equipment (gateway/firewall) or software (software on the user device) that will prevent/restrict access to desired categories of websites ...
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Difference between Zero Trust Architecture and VPN + MitM Access Rights Management at Gateway

Don't forget about all your IOT/OT devices that cannot accept a vendor ZTNA client when working on this framework. There are ways to create micro-segmentation of the LAN in a campus environment to ...
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Cisco ISR Zone Based Firewall dual stack not matching returning traffic for ipv6

ipv6 unicast-routing ipv6 cef zone security TRUSTED zone security INTERNET ipv6 access-list TRUSTED-TO-INTERNET-6-ACL permit ipv6 any any class-map type inspect match-any TRUSTED-TO-INTERNET-6-...
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