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3 votes

ONT-Less GPON wth Cisco ISR

Possible? Maybe. There are various ONT-in-a-SFP modules out there. [GPON, XGS-PON, EPON...] I don't know of any "approved" by Cisco, or DT for that matter. And I've not heard of anyone using ...
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2 votes

Why do PON technologies use time-division multiplex instead of merging beams of different colors (WDM)?

It's absolutely technically feasible, but it's all about cost and budget. Wavelength-division multiplex in the upstream would be more expensive to deploy and maintain - if budget didn't matter you ...
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1 vote

Lumen(Centurylink) Quantum Fiber on SRX320 with DHCP over IPoE

A couple of things that jump out at me - first the encapsulation-type - not sure why this is set to dix, but I don't believe it is required. Secondly, it doesn't look like you have dhcp enabled on ...
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1 vote

How to pull text output from network devices (show commands) and pass the data to SNMP?

Is there a way to use ansible to use a playbook to run the show commands, parse the data, and then pass the values somehow to SNMP or associate them to OID's so that Logicmonitor can use that data? ...
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