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Site B is missing the route for pointing into the tunnel. Without it, the packet leaks out to WAN. You need to either set up a static route or configure OSPF between the firewalls (requires 'always-on' VPN).


GRE and IPsec aren't one-to-many technologies. Thus multicast/broadcast doesn't have much meaning. That said, there are ways to push multicast across either system -- both sender and receiver -- but few systems actually support it. It's far easier, and less headache, to setup multicast routing. (This is even more true when tunnel interfaces are being used, i....


IPSec works in both tunnel and transport mode. In transport mode, a security association is set up between the two endpoints. To set up a "multipoint" SA requires a different mechanism for authentication and encryption. I assume the committee decided that broadcast traffic wan't important enough to create a separate mechanism for multipoint ...

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