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Maybe the simplest one: Is a v6 address static? Or can I make it static like a v4 one so that I can reach my printer at home for example? IPv6 addresses like ipv4 ones can be either dynamic or static. The big difference is that IPv6 NAT is strongly discouraged. One function of NAT is to save addresses, but another is it decouples the addressing on your ...


Is a v6 address static? Not by itself. IPv6 addresses are delegated by your ISP or network administrator and may change over time, depending on their policy. In contrast to IPv4, the change doesn't need to be a hard cut but you can phase in new addresses and then phase out the old ones. (That is possible with IPv4 as well but rather uncommon.) In v4 if I ...


This document presents the CERNET IVI translation design and deployment for the IPv4/IPv6 coexistence and transition. In Roman numerals, the "IV" stands for 4, and "VI" stands for 6, so "IVI" stands for the IPv4/IPv6 translation. RFC 6219 Sec 1 So (4) IV plus (6) VI == I[VV]I with the duplicate "V" removed.

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