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NIC transmission is serial or parallel

The reason many people gloss over this stuff is because if you actually look at the real details and not oversimplified models it's a massive rabbit hole. Firstly Ethernet is not just one type of ...
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Router System Capacity Vs Packet Forwarding Capacity

We cannot know for sure what Juniper refers to when stating "system capacity 80gps" If we take the embedded 4 x 10G interface and we use them at full duplex then we get 80gbps. So it could refer to ...
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NIC transmission is serial or parallel

If you think about it you already know the answer. To spur you along it is easier to think of optical cabling than copper to think through the example. With optical cabling there is one core for Tx, ...
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Turning Off SPC card on Juniper SRX5800 series Firewall

That would appear to be the case. Juniper's documentation only shows a full chassis shutdown when messing with an SPC. (shutdown and power off the standby unit.)
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Cisco catalyst 45xx series compatibility with RG45 10Gb

I know that with the WS-C4507R+E supervisor, you can use the WS-X4712-SFP+E Catalyst 4500 E-Series 12-Port 10GbE (SFP+) line card. The SFP+ slots can use either 1 Gb SFP or 10 Gb SFP+ transceivers. ...
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Cisco catalyst 45xx series compatibility with RG45 10Gb

From a quick glance at this data sheet, table 1 seem to indicate that your chassis and SUP support all line cards except the 24Gbps 47xx series. So I may have missed one or two but it seems all these ...
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