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NIC transmission is serial or parallel

The reason many people gloss over this stuff is because if you actually look at the real details and not oversimplified models it's a massive rabbit hole. Firstly Ethernet is not just one type of ...
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Router System Capacity Vs Packet Forwarding Capacity

We cannot know for sure what Juniper refers to when stating "system capacity 80gps" If we take the embedded 4 x 10G interface and we use them at full duplex then we get 80gbps. So it could refer to ...
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Turning Off SPC card on Juniper SRX5800 series Firewall

That would appear to be the case. Juniper's documentation only shows a full chassis shutdown when messing with an SPC. (shutdown and power off the standby unit.)
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Cisco catalyst 45xx series compatibility with RG45 10Gb

I know that with the WS-C4507R+E supervisor, you can use the WS-X4712-SFP+E Catalyst 4500 E-Series 12-Port 10GbE (SFP+) line card. The SFP+ slots can use either 1 Gb SFP or 10 Gb SFP+ transceivers. ...
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Cisco catalyst 45xx series compatibility with RG45 10Gb

From a quick glance at this data sheet, table 1 seem to indicate that your chassis and SUP support all line cards except the 24Gbps 47xx series. So I may have missed one or two but it seems all these ...
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