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Is there an equivalent of the Cisco/ Cisco esque command "ip helper-address a.b.c.d" on Mellanox switches?

Here is a configuration example on Mellanox Onyx: ## ## DHCP relay configuration ## ip dhcp relay instance 1 vrf default ip dhcp relay instance 1 address ip dhcp relay instance 1 ...
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Can I use a 40G transceiver in a QSFP56 NIC to connect to a 10G transceiver/switch if the NIC supports 10G speeds?

The only way you'd be able to keep using the same 40G QSFP is to get a 40G-SR4 and break it out to 4x10GE coming from the NIC and then connect one of those 10G's to your 4500. Once you have a switch ...
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Inconsistent behavior of link aggregation

It depends on the LACP load balancing algorithm. The LACP load balancing algorithm is only locally significant (they don't have to match on Mellanox and Arista switch). Load balancing algorithms are ...
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Mellanox IS5031 switch field upgrade to 36-port switch

Contact your reseller and purchase the appropriate license key. See the part numbers at the bottom of the datasheet. They will need the serial number and then provide you with a license key. Log into ...
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IPoIB with Netem (Latency emulation) Poor performance

The most common mistake made when using netem to emulate network delay is to not increase the packet limit. You didn't. Therefore you tail drop a lot of packets and tcp cannot build a queue long ...
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Configure Out of Band management on MLNX-OS

I contacted Mellanox customer support with the same problem. There is a command to create a dedicated VRF for the management interface. This is easy to do - from the CLI, just run the command vrf ...
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