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As per IEEE 802.3 Clause 38, 1000BASE-SX requires OM2 (500 MHz·km for 850 nm) for max. 550 m reach. As a superset, OM4 is fine as well (there's little point buying OM2). With 10GBASE-SR the reach over OM4 is reduced to 400 m, so you're also good for an upgrade later on. There's also OM5 but it's only for higher speed WDM, not for longer reach with 850 nm. ...


Merakis are managed via a centralized system hosted in the cloud. DNS is the way by which the Meraki endpoints (...whether switches, firewalls, AP's or cameras) connect back to that cloud system. It's also key to said endpoints being able to reach alternate management points should failures or excessive load occur in Meraki's infrastructure.


"LAN workstation" is in the subnet - the same subnet you're using for "BAY x LAN". That is a very bad design. Unless you are using destination NAT and source NAT between those locations, no communication is possible. Likely, you're using destination NAT from LAN workstation to reach "Device N", but without source NAT "Device N" tries to ...


I believe I have found the problem based on how you have described your configuration, but your description wasn't sufficient to provide the information I needed to notice the problem. I ended up creating a new demo account with Meraki, because I don't currently have an active Meraki installation I can access (my own demo accounts are tied to hardware with ...


You're looking for "1:1 NAT":

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