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Routing convergence means that all the routers have received all routing updates and have updated their routing tables to reflect the changes. Different routing protocols propagate routing changes in different ways, with different timing. For example, some routing protocols send all the routes to neighbors periodically, so changes can take a long time to ...


It's impossible to answer your question because there are some assumptions wrong in it. First, in OLSR not all nodes generate TC messages. Only nodes that have been selected as a MPR generate and relay TCs. Second, the node generating the TC message includes in it the list of all its symmetric neighbors, not just those that have selected it as a MPR (i.e. ...


A TC (Topology Control) message sent by a node x contains a list of all symmetric neighbors of the node x, not just the nodes that have selected x as a MPR. So your question contains a wrong assumption. Including only MPRs or MSs in a TC message wouldn't allow all nodes in the network to get full topology information about the whole network.

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