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Try this on all the machines of your network to receive packets from them when pinging the broadcast address sudo sysctl net.ipv4.icmp_echo_ignore_broadcasts=0


If both B & C share the same broadcast domain on an unmanaged switch and the same IP subnet, they should be able to see each other and there must be something actively preventing them to communicate. The ping output indicates that they're even unable to ARP resolve each other's IP addresses, adding to the mystery. I see a few potential causes: The "...


Ping on Windows & Linux systems by default use ICMP. A ping Request will be Type 8 & Code 0 A ping Reply will be Type 0 & Code 0 There are other utilities you can use to run a ping like test for TCP/UDP. A common quick test for seeing if a TCP port is open is using the telnet client on Windows. Nmap is a third party utility you can use on Windows ...


Please ensure static routes are configured on all routers for reaching management IP address from each router . *In RouterR1 Router1(config)# destination subnet pointing towards gateway Router(config)#destination subnet pointing towards gateway In Router2 Router1(config)# destination ...


To ensure communication between IP address and both ip address belongs to different Vlans to ensure communication between different Vlans inter-Vlan need to be done , for doing inter-Vlan routing layer3 device is required . Where as cisco 2960 is layer2 device . Move both Vlans to Cisco SG300 switch hence this switch has layer3 ...


For NAT to work, you must specify a standard access list to identify the traffic that should be NATted. You reference the access list (source list 1) correctly, but you have not created the access list. Correct NAT config would be: ip nat inside source list 1 interface GigabitEthernet0/0 overload access-list 1 permit Your extended ...


To ensure communication between three networks .make sure correct and proper routing is in place .. Router0 Router0(config)#ip route subnet mask 255.255 .240.0 pointing towards gateway Router0(config)#ip route subnetmask pointing towards gateway In Router1 Router1(config)#ip route


As per your diagram both PC2 & PC3 should able to ping each other beacuse both networks are directly connected networks. No extra routing is required on router . When PC2 wants to ping PC3 . Traffic reaches to router from router Router will process this packet towards destionation by verifying ARP table in router . ARP table maps IPaddress mappes to màc ...


The localhost loopback is an entirely virtual interface. There is no hardware.

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