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Is BGP always required when you have multiple ISPs?

BGP is required when you've got your own, portable address range - portable meaning that it's independent of any ISP. You can advertise that range to any number of providers or peers. If you just use ...
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How to properly configure OSPF protocol?

Apart from your configuration excerpts on the middle router missing the subnet mask: interface se0/1/0 ip address no sh interface se0/1/1 ip address no sh ...
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GNS3 Router Telnet Configuration

You have to distinguish between the simulated network and the control of the simulator. The router is part of the simulation -- its networks are also part of the simulation. In real life, the console ...
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Public IP Configuration which has a private gateway

Actually, while is this is a strange application, the scenario that your ISP assigned to you is perfectly functional. What they're telling you is that you assign the 196.x.x.x address on your local ...
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Public IP Configuration which has a private gateway

That should not work as configured and your device or operating system should refuse to implement that configuration. Contact your ISP to ask for more details, they have given you incomplete or ...

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