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How does a router know the destination mac?

Sender doesnt know MAC address of the destination and it doesnt need to. It only needs to know MAC address of the router which will route packet to the next subnet. So packet hops from router to ...
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Router interface on same subnet

In order to have the same subnet on 2 interfaces I did use the Bridge. By the way, Virtual machines often create a virtual bridge in host OS to connect physical network with virtual network.
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Unable to configure Site to Site VPN between Cisco Router & Cisco ASA and permit SSH

On the ASA you need to add configuration to implement NAT 'bypass' (really it is doing NAT but without changing the IP addresses) such as: nat (inside,any) source static LOCAL-NET LOCAL-NET ...
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Are integrated networking devices, frequently called routers, of the switch type or of a router / NIC type?

The devices that that quote seems to talk about are the ubiquitous (and off-topic here) integrated "routers" or "modems" that often include WAN PHY (DSL/cable modem) router with ...
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Router interface on same subnet

Could someone please explain why a router can't have 2 interfaces on same subnet? As others pointed out, you can. My answer explains the typical terminology associated with this function. Using the ...
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