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Does that mean uploaded files to web apps will be delivered to the web servers, while FortiSandbox has not yet finished its inspection? Yes, that is what it means. You can either wait for FortiSandbox inspection to finish or you don't.


You have two SSL connections here. One between the app and the netscaler, and second from the netscaler to the api service. The netscaler has no idea what the api service is going to require, so makes no demands of the app connection. When the api service asks for a client certificate, it's too late to ask the app, thus a re-negotiation is necessary but ...


Apparently, the Netscaler terminates the SSL connection and re-encrypts. You either need to check the client certificate on the load balancer (likely not possible) or disable SSL termination.


By logic, port-level security makes active loop detection pretty much gratuitous. Loop detection is designed to detect and disable loops created by accident or maliciously - both are very hard (if not impossible) to accomplish with proper port-level security. However, I'd recommend leaving RSTP/MSTP enabled as it doesn't hurt and can save you one day. Just ...

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