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I found a fix for this. The trick is not to put the read community in the command. So we deployed this to all the IOS and IOS-XE switches and it works for all Vlans: snmp-server group COMPANY v3 priv context vlan- match prefix There was a strange timing issue within prime as well that made it difficult to verify the configuration.


In the meantime i found a solution. The problem is, that a priori only the target IP is known, but not the interface index, so one can not construct the necessary oid for one arp entry ., but as one wants to ask the gateway for this arp entry, one has anyway to guess the gateway IP (probably something like ip1....


After going over the existing documentation it appears that it is supported but not implemented, allow me to expand. The TRAP jnxSecAccessIfMacLimitExceeded falls under Port Security Features, hence the mac-limit would be under the secure-access-port stanza, and as per documentation, these actions differ from the interface-mac-limit packet-action; they don't ...

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