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Graphing the number of broadcasts per MAC?

For ad-hoc reports, I would normally do this with minimal Unix tools: tcpdump and awk. First collect broadcasters with ether address: $ sudo tcpdump -en broadcast > /tmp/NOISY This makes a file ...
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How to control unwanted UDP traffic (Broadcast & Multicast) on Cisco Router 2911?

Without looking at the packet-capture, network architecture etc. etc. it is a very hard question to answer. You can't really make a policy or anything that would drop frames (since they are routing at ...
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Graphing the number of broadcasts per MAC?

Think of it this way: broadcasts are seen by all machines in a subnet. So put a single machine on all subnets and start counting. Handwavingly: Configure a switch port as a trunk, for every VLAN. ...
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Graphing the number of broadcasts per MAC?

Using SNMP you can get the counters for broadcast per switch interface using the broadcast OID , but to get the anomaly behavior detection you will need something more advanced like anomaly detection ...
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Recommended Cisco storm-control broadcast and multicast threshold value for user PC

You might find this article helpful: This article presents the steps I took to develop a solution to protect the Catalyst 6500 in the presence of a Layer 2 loop. These steps include the ...
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