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Understanding the Role of Member Device in Cisco 3850 VSS Stack

You are correct. Switch number one is neither the active or the standby. If switch 3 were to fail, switch 1 would become the new standby.
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mLACP or vPC on L3 interfaces

(m)LACP and vPC are Layer 2 technologies, thus they don't apply to layer 3 interfaces At layer 3 you use for example VRRP (to provide gateway to hosts) or routing protocols (like OSPF) to achieve ...
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Stacking Cisco Catalyst 3850 via Fibre?

This answer probably won't very useful today, but it's possible to stack 2960X via fiber. You need C2960X-FIBER-STK.
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VSS back to back like vPC back to back

If you configured each pair of 4500s as a VSS, then linked them together with an active/LACP port channel you could achieve an all active topology (which is what I assume you are looking for). You ...
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VSS back to back like vPC back to back

You can configure VSS on Cisco 4500E, The Cisco Virtual Switching System is a clustering technology that pools two Cisco Catalyst 4500-E Series Switches with Cisco Catalyst Supervisor Engine 7-E or 7-...
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mLACP or vPC on L3 interfaces

Yes, you can absolutely. You can setup a Port-Channel interface and set it with an IP. This is referred to as a Layer 3 port-channel and you can run routing protocols over it as needed. This will ...
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