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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 218
Questions relating to IPSEC VPN configuration, operation and troubleshooting specifically.
× 212
For questions about the OSI layer-3 (network layer).
× 210
For questions about Packet INternet Groper [PING].
× 210
For questions about Wireshark, a packet analyzer
× 203
For questions about physical cables used in a computer network topology. This tag is suitable when your question is about a network cable. Examples: Twisted pair cable, Fiber optic cable, Coaxial cabl…
× 195
For questions specifically related to the software Packet Tracer developed by Cisco Systems. This tag should only be used in relation to the actual functions in Packet Tracer, for instance: network tr…
× 194
For questions about Quality Of Service (QoS); all aspects of providing differential service to packets based on TOS, DSCP, or other information.
× 186
Used for questions about the commands for Cisco devices.
× 171
Discussion on Access-Control-Lists (ACL) or Access-Control-Entries (ACE)
× 171
For questions about multicast communications and protocols.
× 166
Fiber optic data transmission, cabling, connectors, interfaces. Questions should have this tag if they directly involve fiber optic transmission of data, fiber optic cabling and/or connectors, or inte…
× 163
For questions about bandwidth where bandwidth is the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another in a given time period (usually a second). This tag is suitable when your question is …
× 161
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is used for managing devices on IP networks. It is most often used to query statistics for network equipment.
× 150
For questions about User Datagram Protocol, a Transport Layer protocol.
× 149
For questions about network cable installations used in a physical building or as used in a computer network topology. This tag is suitable when your question is about network cable installations, tha…
× 145
For questions about networking in general. Any question about all on topic network devices can use this tag.
× 140
For questions requiring troubleshooting assistance with persistent/unresolved problems.
× 140
For questions about a physical or virtual interface on a network device. For instance: Interface configurations, troubleshooting and security.
× 138
For questions about trunks, layer-2 links across which traffic for multiple VLANs travel.
× 138
For questions about Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), the layer 2.5 protocol used as a transport layer for Traffic Engineering, some Layer 2 & 3 VPN's, and VPLS.
× 135
Questions relating to the operations of ISPs and interacting with them.
× 129
For questions about the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
× 128
For questions about or in relation to the transport protocol or OSI layer 4. For instance the best-known transport protocol of TCP/IP is the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).
× 126
One of the three layers of network design. The main characteristics of the network core are that is should be highly redundant and high performance. As such, it is often one of the simpler layers in t…
× 121
For questions about or involving the open-source operating system modelled on UNIX. Use this tag only when your question is about Computer Networking where Linux is used as a network device.
× 121
For questions about broadcasting in computer networking. Use this tag when you are troubleshooting or configuring network devices in relation to broadcast.
× 119
a manufacturer of network devices including the former ProCurve series (ProVision) and former 3Com products (Comware). Please consider using a more specific tag; see the …
× 119
For questions about OSI Layer 4 (transport layer).
× 116
For questions about planning and implementation of a computer network. Use this tag when you have questions about how to design your network and what things to take into account when implementing a ne…
× 116
For questions about Wide Area Networks (WANs).
× 115
(Packet-analysis) aka Network Traffic analysis is the process of capturing network traffic and inspecting it closely to determine what is happening on the network Providesthe details of network acti…
× 112
a maker of UTM firewalls and other network related devices. Use this tag for questions about Sonicwall appliances
× 110
should only be used when it's about configuration of DNS on an on topic network device. Any general DNS service related questions are off topic.
× 110
For questions about network tunnels.
× 107
A networking hardware device that allows a Wi-Fi compliant device to connect to a wired network.
× 106
For questions about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which encompasses various technologies (methods, functions, and encapsulations) for encoding and delivering audio on a network using IP.