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Travis Stoll
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My main focus currently is designing and implementing great systems and solutions that drive better business processes and also create value for companies. I am an experienced, fast learning, and enthusiastic IT Leader with a lot of tools in my belt. Since I have been at Marlen International, I have been given the opportunity to do what I enjoy doing, finding new and exciting ways to implement technology that make us more efficient and change the way we think.

I manage a variety of systems, all with the mindset of growing and adding value to the business, increasing process efficiencies, and revenue. I also have extensive experience implementing, managing, scaling, and maintaining various cloud computing solutions and providers including Google Apps, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, and others.

I also am very passionate about web design / applications, and pushing the limits there. I really dislike software, and want to see application development continue to move to the web. I am doing my part to help this transition working on open source projects like ubuntu and jquery. Also contributing to a messaging service for businesses called Modern Memo.

Specialties:-Web design and programming using PHP, jQuery / Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL / MSSQL.

-Implementing, managing, scaling, and maintaining a server and networking infrastructure using Amazon Web Services.

-Managing Server and Application Infrastructure

-Thinking outside the box in IT, and constantly striving for new, better, and the next level of solutions.

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