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I'm nutz and I'm slick so I am SlickNutz. I like computer stuff thanks to my much older brother and I like politics thanks to my very old aunt and her young husband a couple years older than me that I call uncle Luke. I like dogs and cats a lot but cows are my favorite. I like to milk cows on my grandpas farm in the woods of the rain forest and then drink it so fresh in the morning when the sun is rising while eating raw eggs from the chicken coupe drinking fresh milk. I want to be a senator of a state one day but I will also be a part time computer guy or maybe a help desk guy that can help the government out with IT stuff. When people have computer problem I fix for them all the time. I tell them to restart the computer and try again and they are so thankful for my help and give me money. I would also like to own my own farm one day and hope grandpa will give 10-20 acres of his farm land in Alaska. I have very big dreams of success for my future. I will be 21 very soon and ready to have my arranged marriage and my 6 year old son will be my best man.

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