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Cisco Router Telnet Connection Refused
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8 votes

The issue has been resolved. When I checked the running configuration on the router, I noticed I have the line below under the line vty 0 4 access-list class 23 in All I had to do was to negate the ...

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How to Block Torrents Using NBAR
3 votes

Thanks all. It has been rectified. I changed the code from int gig 0/1 ip nbar protocol-discovery service-policy input QOS-LIMIT-TOR-POLICY to (by adding the additional line of code) int ...

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Router not assigning DHCP IP Addresses to Interconnecting Switches
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2 votes

All thanks to the comment by Avery Abbott, I was able to solve the problem by making sure that all [cascading] switches have the corresponding vlans created so that the trunks can carry data for that ...

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