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Aaron Hall

Electedmoderator on Stack Overflow

My recent answers ⬅ please critique!

Regarding my recent Haskell answers - here's my .ghci file:

:set +m
:set prompt "λ: "
:set prompt-cont " | "

Best Practices:

  • Vote! There's badges - for - it!
  • Bad mood? Take a break.
  • Obsolesce and flag comments.
  • Don't answer in comments - can't downvote or see edit history, but easily deleted.
  • Do reviews.
  • Use one account.

Spolsky: Only close real dupes; Edit questions, generalize; Build an answer library.



  • site scope overlap is ok, be jealous of questions, make best fit site
  • close, don't migrate bad questions
  • suggest where they might get better answers

Check out my site!

Code licenses: CC-BY-SA/MIT (But I'm not litigious.)



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