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I am over 40 let's leave it at that, and about to take my CCNA test. I have an Electronics Engineering Technologist diploma. Most of my adult life I spent self employed, I am a proponent of lifelong learning, I think it is important to regularly learn new things. I always enjoyed the networking courses I took in school even though it wasn't the main focus it was something we were taught at a low level. So when I had the time I decided to go after my CCNA and CCNP and I do know I don't need one for the other, but I kind of need a win soon so I am taking the CCNA and it is booked for next month.

I started taking care of neglected bearded dragons about 10 years ago and never looked back. I could not believe the emotional intelligence of these animals when given the proper attention and affection. We currently have 2 beardies and a new member a leopard gecko whose owner had no more use for him. I never thought I would see the level of affection from the gecko that I have seen. Blows my mind to this day. Anyone local who can't take care of their beardie I would happily give it a home.

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