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Learning programming. Love computers and especially love internet. An internet junkie, albeit, a talented computer man. Been here on the net since it was new. My high school dream was to build websites. I just didn't know it until 10+ years later I guess I didn't realize it then or think it could be 'what I do'. So I love to build websites and I'm getting much better at it.

Aspiring web developer. Knows a bunch about Linux and linux servers. Also linux system administration for desktop and web hosting. Loves to learn new computer stuff. Loves console world and http world. Also I enjoy the type of folks in XMPP chats, but I'm not an IRC fan. Uses Arch linux and Debian for desktop but sometimes Manjaro or Ubuntu. Windows ONLY for games, never for anything but games.

Understands HTML, CSS, PHP and very little JS but does understand most of programming in general. Could dissect code well enough to understand what it does but not necessarily manipulate it. I like to tinker with software a lot, I really enjoy cool functional and nice to look at software. That is part of why I almost solely are a Linux user because of the customizability.

Also interested in computer networking, hacking, graphic art, music, namely hardcore rave, stereos and cars. I hope someday soon I can be successful at freelancing my variety of passionate skills.

Check out some of my work on it's where I stash my open repos :)


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