I understand that the older versions of Cisco IOS implemented the MCQ and the newer one's implement HQF. Could some explain what is the difference between MQC and HQF?

Thank you.

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MQC (Modular QoS CLI) is the CLI structure that allows you to enable QoS features in Cisco routers (see the manual). It uses the following three steps to configure QoS:

  1. Define a traffic class with the class-map command.
  2. Create a traffic policy by associating the traffic class with one or more QoS features (using the policy-map command).
  3. Attach the traffic policy to the interface with the service-policy command.

HQC (Hierarchical Queuing Framework) is an evolution of MQC that is introduced in IOS 12.4(20)T, that adds the following functionality (from the white paper):

  • The ability to provide multiple levels of packet scheduling
  • The ability to support integrated class-based shaping and queuing
  • The ability to apply fair queuing and drop policies on a per-class basis

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