Hoping someone has an oid to poll (get/walk) an MX router to retrieve configured static route information and next-hop? Searched MIBs and mib walks on router to no avail.


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The best you'll be able to get is inetCidrRouteTable from IP-FORWARD-MIB - this will give you all routes, regardless of protocol.

The OID is . and if you walk it, you'll see a table of entries.

The format of entries is:

IP-MIB::ip. = INTEGER: 13
                        |     | |           |        |
                Prefix (| Next Hop (
                 CIDR Mask (/0)-+

If you're specifically after static routes, I would recommend ditching SNMP, and instead use the Junos REST API (available from Junos 15.1 onwards), or NETCONF calls via PyEZ.

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