I try to ping something out with a PC/Router IP address with the following Ping Request and Ping Reply received

Ping Request Source Destination

Reply source Destination

Will the PC/Router be treated a successful ping

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It's a success if that's what you're expecting. All command-line ping programs I've seen will display where the replies have come from. If you send a braodcast ping you will often get multiple replies, and the ping program will display them.

Pingers that are built into network equipment may behave differently, in particular if you are pinging for a load-balancer liveness test then you'll have to check your particular load-balancer to see if the different source is accepted.

  • Yes. It is actually what i am expecting. For Cisco Switch, it treated that as a successful ping. For PC, it doesn't Feb 15, 2017 at 16:25

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