I´m configuring a remote ssh access with TACACS to a console in a Cisco 2911, on a rotary port. When the access is granted after a successful ssh authentication, an Return key is needed to access the new authentication in the machine on the console line of the rotary. Is there any way to avoid that Return key? Thanks

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There is a command for this: autoselect

It´s explained in Cisco docs: Cisco Help

The autoselect command bypasses the login prompt and enables the specified session to begin automatically. However, when the autoselect command is entered with the during login keyword, the username or password prompt appears without the need to press the Return key; thus “login” users will get a prompt right away without needing to press the Return key. While the username or password prompt is displayed, you can choose either to answer these prompts or to send packets from an autoselected protocol.

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