Is there a way in wireshark to find out a single SYN that does not get answered by SYN/ACK?

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According to https://osqa-ask.wireshark.org/questions/60995/how-do-i-filter-tcp-connection-with-syn-and-syn-ack-without-ack-response/ you can do this by applying a filter (tcp.flags==0x12) and not tcp.analysis.initial_rtt. The first part finds SYN packets, and the second part find packets for which the return trip time analysis hasn't happened - which implies that Wireshark hasn't seen a corresponding ACK. Obviously, this will also find SYN packets which were ACKed after you stopped the capture, so use a long capture.

Edit This filter was too narrow, it should be:

tcp.flags.syn==1  and not tcp.analysis.initial_rtt
  • should it instead be (tcp.flags==0x02) and not tcp.analysis.initial_rtt ?
    – fsociety
    Nov 20 at 6:17
  • You are right, at least partially: if you want all SYN packets you need a broader filter. Edited the answer.
    – Paul
    Nov 20 at 8:40

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