I'm trying to execute SNMP-Get request on Checkpoint to get IP address of a route with OID . Here we can see that syntax of this field is SYNTAX IpAddress. However, when I execute snmpget I receive an Integer value:

SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.2620. = INTEGER: 50594820

What can be the problem? Or is it possible to decode this value?

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IP addresses are integers (whole numbers). IPv4 addresses are 32-bit integers, and IPv6 addresses are 128-bit integers.

I assume that this is for an IPv4 address. To look at it as a dotted decimal address, take the binary 32 bits of the integer:


separate the octets with decimals:


and convert each octet to decimal:

You should always do IP address manipulation in binary. See How do you calculate the prefix, network, subnet, and host numbers?

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