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For questions about the Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series, which, besides being a switch, can be upgraded to a high performance router with only a license.

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Testing for 10G throughput

I'm currently facing a throughput limitation in my small core network setup, and I'm seeking advice on how to optimize it for higher speeds. Here's the current setup: Equipment: Two small core setups, ...
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Understanding the Role of Member Device in Cisco 3850 VSS Stack

Clarifying the Role of Member Device in VSS Domain Configuration I am trying to understand the role of a device in a VSS domain as a "member." What does it mean for a device to be a member? ...
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Catalyst 3850 password recovery

I think I may have fat fingered the username/password when setting up my Catalyst 3850. I found password recovery instructions. However when I type the command "SWITCH_DISABLE_PASSWORD_RECOVERY=0&...
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Per-VLAN DHCP pools on the switch

Let us say I have a switch on which I have created two VLANs 10 and 20. I have set ports 1-10 to be on VLAN 10 and ports 11-20 to be on VLAN 20. Presently the PCs in both VLANs are configured with ...
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Unable to use a specific IP for an IP Camera attached to a Cisco 2960 static access port

I initially had issues with an Axis IP camera not staying online. I replaced with new camera. The new camera works perfectly fine. However, I cannot access it via HTTP or ping from a specific server ...
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Cisco 3850: Process responsible for Softbuffers

There is a command to increase the SoftMax Buffers on 3850 switches: qos queue-softmax-multiplier 200 This is done in percent which means i am doubling the amount of softmax buffer. Before, the ...
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How many stack cables would be needed if we want to stack two 3850 switches

How many stack cables would be needed if we want to stack two 3850 switches : We have one 3850 switch and planning to add one more. So my guess is only one Power & One data stack cable would be ...
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Cannot Ping Firewall After Changing SFP

I am currently working on an issue that has me stumped... I have a network which is connected to our fortigate 300D firewall via an Cisco 3850 external switch. Due to hardware ...
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Cisco Catalyst 3850 router VLAN bridge no routing

New to Cisco stuff so bear with me (only a little L2 Procurve experience). I have a development network connected to an Aruba/HPE managed switch feeding a trunk with tagged VLAN's to an internal ...
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Cisco 3850-24p stable firmware 16.x.x

Have a query towards the 3850 series switches. Currently making a plan to upgrade a few remote sites from old, stable and steady 3650-24ps (eol awhile back) to 3850-24p. Nothing fancy to support, 1 ...
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