can you please help me on how to convert the em interface to gig interface in the vMX, i am trying to assign interface to vrf and the em is not support.

thanks in advance.

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The Juniper vMX is not all that easy to set up properly. Check the documentation for a proper installation guide.


The main thing to remember is that the vMX is actually two VMs that you need to connect with each other: the Routing Engine (virtual control plane - VCP) and the Packet Forwarding Engine (virtual forwarding plane - VFP). The architecture looks like this (from the Juniper site):

Architecture of a vMX Instance

The VCP has two interfaces:

  • the first interface (fxp0) is the management interface. You'll probably manage the vMX through the IP-address on this interface.
  • the second interface (em1) connects to the VFP VM.

The VFP can have more interfaces:

  • the first interface is a management interface (which you probably won't need).
  • the second interface connects to the VCP VM.
  • any further interfaces (maximum 8 under VMware) are ge-0/0/x interfaces, starting numbering at ge-0/0/0 for the third interface.


If your ge- interfaces aren't working, then the communication between the VCP and the VFP VMs is probably the problem.

When everything's good, the ge- interfaces should show up when you do a show interfaces:

show interfaces terse | match ge-

If the interfaces don't show, then you need to troubleshoot the VCP-VFP connection:

  1. wait long enough for the VFP to boot properly (takes longer than the VCP).

  2. try to ping the VFP from the VCP to verify :

    ping routing-instance __juniper_private1__

  3. Try the troubleshooting steps from the Juniper site.


You should have 3rd HDD that needs to be added to the VCP VM - metadata_usb.vmdk

enter image description here

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