Suppose I have a top-of-rack switch configured with LLDP. The servers in the rack are not running LLDP and therefore do not send LLDPDUs.

Does the MIB from the switch contain the MAC addresses of the servers as well as the data for other physically-connected LLDP-enabled switches?

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This depends on the switch in question and the extent of its SNMP MIB-mapped functions.

Usually, a switch would provide access to its MAC table (SAT) as well as to the LLDP data is has gathered.

A server is just another MAC node for a switch, so there's no special ways to query for those.

You might be able to access LLDP data through e.g. lldpRemSysName and lldpRemSysDesc, and MAC associations through SwitchPortFdbAddress.

  • Thanks Zac. Is the MAC table query-able with SNMP?
    – Fixee
    Dec 9, 2017 at 21:06

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