What is the exact difference between:

  • port-channel lacp fallback individual

  • port-channel lacp fallback static


From this ARISTA manual, page 620:

Static fallback: the port channel maintains one active port while in fallback mode; all its other memberports are in standby mode until a LACP PDU is received by the port channel. All member ports send(and can receive) LACP PDUs, but only the active port sends or receives data.

Individual fallback: all member ports act as individual switch ports while in fallback mode. Individualport configuration (rather than port channel configuration) is active while the port channel is in fallbackmode, with the exception of ACLs. This includes VLAN membership. All member ports send andreceive data, and continue to send LACP PDUs. As soon as a LACP PDU is received by a member ofthe port channel, all ports revert to normal port-channel operation.

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