Does anyone know what's the difference between LR1 and LR4 optics?

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As in 10GBASE-LR versus 40GBASE-LR4?

-L stands for long ~1300 nm wavelength (as opposed to -S for 850 nm and -E for ~1550 nm). -R stands for large block code 64b/66b.

The suffix 4 stands for the number of lanes. With -L, those lanes are multiple wavelengths (CWDM) that are merged by the sender and split again by the receiver. Accordingly, 40GBASE-X requires a QSFP+ optical module with four (Q) 10 Gbit/s (SFP+) lanes. 10GBASE-X uses a narrower, single-lane SFP+ module.

There are other module form factors than (Q)SFP(+) but those are the ones most widely used. The lane scheme applies to all of them since it is required by the PHY standards.

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