How do I set the password for the console port on a Juniper SRX650 router?

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By default the only username configured is root. Thus setting password is a matter of using:

`set system root-authentication plain-text-password`
  • This is auto-encrypted once entered in.

It is best practice not to be logging in as root however unless special circumstances requires it... even then you would log in as a normal user and 'su root' to gain elevated privileges.

What I would do is setup a user profile under 'set system login':

user testuser {
       full-name "Your USER FULLNAME";
       uid 2004;
       class super-user;
       authentication {
            encrypted-password "password";

Once committed this will allow you to use the configured user as a local login.

The authentication order will need to be changed if you want to use 'radius/tacacs + local password authentication as backup'

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