I really need some help to explain following two scenarios as I only have little network troubleshooting skills.

I am supposed to go to these clients and give a valid reason for these issues. The only reason I could think here is "Slow network speed".

I know it could be hard to identify network problems just by reading this post, but at least few suggestions, comments or troubleshooting tips you can give help me a lot here.

Case 1:

We did a website for a client. This website has a page that loads around < 2500 MySql records. We have loaded this page in several different networks. All of them took 1-2 minutes to load the whole page without any problems. However, when we load this website on client's network it takes hours(or sometimes doesn't event load).

Case 2:

We did another website for a client. It works fine on other networks, but only in client's network, it has wired behaviours. Sometimes website loads partially. We can see links appearing on a white background without any CSS/JS and not working. Sometimes it doesn't even load.

Please Note:

  1. Both websites can be loaded in other networks and they behave fine.
  2. Both clients have good internet connections and able to visit other sites like google/facebook etc. without any problems. All other popular sites working just fine except our custom built sites.
  3. We are unable to change the architecture of the website. ex: Implement pagination.

Website info:

  1. PHP > 5
  2. MySql
  3. Http
  4. Using HostSG as the Service Provider

Can you please tell me what possible reasons causing these problems? Is there any way to identify the exact problem? Thanks in advance!

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    It sounds like you are referring to a clients' network for which you have no control over, which would be off topic here. – lampwins Jun 6 '16 at 4:09
  • You'll need to go to "client network" and see what's what. – Ricky Beam Jun 6 '16 at 4:16
  • Can you guys give me some tips to identify the problem? I can go to client's place and check and stuff. – The Dude Jun 6 '16 at 4:20

Without knowing the topology of your clients' networks, I'd hazard a guess that this is an MTU issue. Ask your clients to investigate their network devices' configurations and lower their MTU (maximum transmission unit) and/or MSS (maximum segment size) if necessary. Fore more information on MTU and MSS, see my blog post entry.

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