I have two statments on OSPF, are they correct?

1- If I split a single area OSPF to an OSPF domain with area 0 and area 1, and there is just one ABR between area 0 and area 1, The load on CPU will decrease, but there will be no impact on routing table size (RAM usage)

2- If I add one redundant ABR between area 0 and area 1(so, there will be two ABRs) the routing table of each router will increas as much as other area subnets. The CPU load will increases too. So, in terms of RAM usage (routing table size), single-area OSPF uses less RAM than dual-areas OSPF with two ABRs!

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    In terms of ABRs, you are right. Life is always hard for ABRs :). For the other routers, it depends on the Area Properties. Think of routers that reside in a totally stub/stub area. They will use much less resource. Jul 28 at 17:00
  • @kayaatabey, think of standard area...non ABRs wil have impact on their resource usage like I said?
    – A.A
    Jul 29 at 5:15


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