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For questions about memory in relation to network devices. For instance, you have a switch with low memory, which creates problems and you need to find out what the problem is. Only use this tag when the question involves on topic network devices.

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Where can one find how much memory is currently allocated to logbuffer?

Do you know where it can be checked, how much memory is currently being used by the logbuffer? some-switch#show log | i Buffer|Trap|udp Buffer logging: level debugging, 2268 messages logged, xml ...
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juniper router /var directory is full , deleting .tgz file in root directory

i need to free some space on my juniper router , in the root directory when i use >ls -lash command i see a .tgz file which is 405 M , my question , if i delete this will it cause any problem ?
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High Memory Utilization in Juniper ACX2100

Recently i observed that one of our juniper AC2100 has only free 3% of memory.But i'm unable to understand which thing is causing such high memory usage or what i can do free the memory so it won't ...
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Searching in TCAM vs RAM

I understand the higher level of TCAM and how it differs from CAM and also RAM. My question is from the architectural point of view. I've read that TCAM search is really faster than RAM due to the ...
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Determine the DRAM size on a Cisco ASR1006

We recently bought an ASR1006, and we have been told it has 16GB DRAM memory, but I am little confused by the show version output, e.g. processor with 9964723K/6147K bytes of memory, which is showing ...
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What happens at the hardware level of a router when a packet is received and eventually triggers a process like ARP?

Please let me know where the gaps in my understanding are. There are many gaps, so please do not hesitate to fill them in or correct them. To my knowledge, what happens on the hardware level when ...
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TAC Response on the error( %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation)

I hope you can offer me some assistance with my case, we have a Cisco router 2800 series ,having the error ( %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation), (and if restarted the router it works OK for while. ...
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Cisco 2611 router memory use-up

We have an old old guy from year 2000 or so, named Cisco 2611 and he is going nuts lately. It hangs every three days and about 10 - 20 hours. I wasn't believing my Observium monitoring system at ...
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Why are IPv4 addresses 32-bit?

Many moons ago, when I was just a wee bairn commencing my career, I had a job interview for a low-level developer role. Having at that time just learned how CIDR was implemented, I was keen to show ...
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TCAM relationships in hardware-switching architecture

I am familiar (high level) with how Ternary Content Addressable Memory operates but I remain confused as to how TCAM relates to ASICs and when these components possibly also combine with the CPU for ...
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Impact of IOS BGP soft-reconfiguration-inbound and peering options

This scenario is a network with four routers in a square; each has a connection to a different transit provider with a full BGP table from each. R1----R2 | | | | R3----R4 How do full BGP ...
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Calculating Cisco router memory requirements for full BGP feeds

This scenario is a network with four routers in a square; each has a connection to a different transit provider with a full BGP table from each. R1----R2 | | | | R3----R4 How do I calculate ...
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upgrade RAM on a Cisco ASA 5520

I understand the risks of using third party ram but paying for the Cisco branded memory modules and CF cards on an old ASA which is no longer covered but Smartnet is ludicrous. There are plenty of ...
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Cisco 2600 series router logging a lot of "Memory allocation failed" errors

We are getting the below two error messages randomly on a 2600 series router. Syslog shows the router has been fine up until a few days ago. Would a reboot most likely cure the issue or is it most ...
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After a memory upgrade of my Cisco WAAS, why is the connection limit still the same, how can I raise it?

We use Cisco WAAS appliances for WAN optimization. With increasing traffic, we noticed that the connection limit was frequently reached. In case of our WAVE-574-K9 with 3 GB RAM, there was a limit of ...
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